‘Happiness hides in life’s small details’ Joyce

Influenced by the elegance of period design and the promise of new construction technology, Hide is a new kind of garden room.


Each Hide is a collaboration with our clients. You choose the colours for the exterior panelling and frames using the NIX app to scan any colour for the final finish.


At an interior size of 8.4 square metres, Hide qualifies for an exemption from planning permission once an area of 25 square metres remains in your garden and your Hide is used to enhance you or your family’s lifestyle.


Hide’s unique timber windows fill your garden room with a soft light. Inspired by the period timber windows we work with, they offer a timeless and elegant alternative to stark full-glass screens.


Ceiling height is one of the most undervalued qualities in modern building. Hide’s 3.3 metre ceiling gives the room a sense of expanse and freedom.

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